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Dr. William J. Jusko, Ph.D.
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Jusko is SUNY Distinguished Professor & former Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Buffalo. He received his BS in Pharmacy (1965) and PhD (1970) degrees from Buffalo.  He then was a Clinical Pharmacologist at the Boston VA Hospital and Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Boston University. He returned to Buffalo in 1972 as Director of the Clinical Pharmacokinetics Laboratory and Assistant Professor. He received the Doctor Honoris Causae from the Jagiellonian University in Poland (1987) and from the University of Paris Descartes (2015), and has many other awards including the 2018 Oscar B Hunter Career Award from ASCPT.  He is a Fellow of several societies, serves on the Editorial Boards of 7 journals, and was Editor-in-Chief of JPKPD.  His research covers clinical, basic, and theoretical PK/PD of diverse drugs, particularly immunosuppressants, anti-diabetics, anti-cancer drugs, and antibodies with over 600 publications.

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